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Why is a course necessary?

Shouldn’t I just forget it and move on?

After an abortion, people seem to be divided into one of two groups – those who are seemingly unaffected by their experience, and those who are – to a greater or lesser degree – affected by it. We believe that the extent to which someone will be affected by an abortion is influenced by a complex mix of factors, including life experience, the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy and abortion, and the degree to which the individual can acknowledge and integrate the emotions experienced.

It is our belief that anyone who experiences an abortion has the potential to make a strong and powerful connection to it subsequently. There is a saying that ‘time heals’. From what we have seen in the women on our courses, time can play a part in healing, but it is not a healing process on its own. The emotional effects of an abortion can surface powerfully, sometimes many years after the event. These effects can be complex, deep, and, if not addressed, have the potential to become a source of depression and a wide range of associated problems.

Some people come on our course because, although they may be ‘doing OK’, they feel that what happened in the past is gnawing at them. Others come because they feel they have reached the end of their ability to cope on their own. Either way, the first point to realise is that you are doing exactly the right thing in addressing the situation and confronting the issue rather than trying to bury it and forget about the past. At times during the course this may seem counter-productive, as you may process a number of different emotions and issues, but be assured that there is an experienced process at work. Ultimately, working through the issues and emotions is what brings healing and peace.