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This is my testimony. 

It was scary, I was so frightened to confront all my feelings that were all one big mess. I remember emailing Joanne, the lady who was heading the course, to say that I don't think I can go through with it. I was not even going to go as I was running away from this. 

Joanne was so lovely and warm and caring in her email and responded in a very kind and reassuring way. She was so gentle, so I thought I would go for just one evening and see how it turned out. I didn’t look back.

All the ladies on the course helping us were so warm and loving, they all made us feel so safe and in supporting us, it was like a big hug. It was such a peaceful environment and away in a lovely room, also it was very discreet.

I really have never felt so nurtured, so emotionally safe to express myself.

It was not easy as I had a lot of hurt, being in the course dug up a lot of issues that I had forgotten about.

Each evening we had an amazing dinner, we listened to the talk, had a break with teas, coffees and cake and then went on to open up and talk about how we felt. Through crying, laughing, all the emotions I had felt, I was slowly emerging free from this, feeling loved and forgiven, a stronger woman.

It was an inspiring, beautiful, revealing and cleansing journey of our issues. An amazing journey with some incredible women. I was so proud of myself of what I had accomplished from this.

Every time I came into the room, it was as if the room was being touched by God and was so calming and loving. It was like being hugged with unconditional love, every week. There was no judgment, no critical words, no condemning.

Towards the end I really did not want to finish. The course was perfect and every woman who has had am abortion should really think about doing this course when ready.

It really will set you free.

Becky (aged25)